Accurity is a computational method called Accurity that infers tumor purity, tumor cell ploidy, and absolute allelic copy numbers for somatic copy number alterations (SCNAs) from tumor-normal WGS data by jointly modelling SCNAs and heterozygous germline single-nucleotide-variants (HGSNVs). Results from both in silico and real sequencing data demonstrated that Accurity is highly accurate and robust, even in low-purity, high-ploidy, and low-coverage (as low as 1X) settings in which several existing methods perform poorly. Accounting for tumor purity and ploidy, Accurity significantly increased signal/noise gaps between different copy numbers.

Paper describing the method is in revision. Contact Yu Huang for pre-release use.

Accurity is written in C++ and Rust. Package download will open upon manuscript publication. User can first download a data folder, which consists of a reference genome (hs37d5), genome index files, 1000G genotype data. Free for academic use. License required for commercial use.